Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NAC Drops?

    NAC Drops is an opthalmic solution, it contains an eye-friendly anti-aging antioxidant (n-acetyl-carnosine), which can be used to help optimize overall eye health and vision.

  • Who are NAC Drops for?

    NAC Drops are for anyone interested in benefiting their eye health and vision naturally.

  • Can I use NAC Drops with my contacts?

    NAC Drops can be used with contacts, but we recommend spacing usage 15 minutes prior to wear.

  • Why not just take carnosine orally?

    It is much more effective when applied topically rather than orally, as it is true with a lot of other compounds. From our own experience, we couldn't tell much difference in the optical state from oral l-carnosine supplementation, as in comparison to dramatic (and also instant) effects experienced from an eye drop form.


  • L-carnosine vs. N-acetyl-carnosine?

    The NAC molecular structure is identical to carnosine with the exception that it carries an additional acetyl group. It is only n-acetyl-carnosine that has been clinically proven as suitable for eye use. When applied as eye drops l-carnosine cannot penetrate the eye.


  • Will this help my chronic dry eye?

    Antioxidants decrease dry eye symptoms and although the factors that lead to DED are often complex you can expect improvements by addressing free radical damage, as that is most certainly one of those factors.


  • What about ocular autoimmune disease?

    Your eyes will benefit from the drops especially when in a severely antioxidant deficient state, including situations when there is a lower expression of antioxidant enzymes, like in the eyes with Sjogren's syndrome.


  • When will the product start working?

    Antioxidant effects can be noticed as soon as 30 minutes after application.


  • Can I use these with other eye drops?

    Yes but it is always a good idea to allow some space between products.


  • Are the drops good for cataracts?

    N-acetyl-carnosine first became popular for its use in eye drops as a cataract remedy, we do not however promote our product as such. The drops are meant to help positively affect eye health and can be used to universally benefit any ocular condition, including this of cataracts. Nevertheless we don't recommended our drops as an alternative to medical treatment of cataracts.


  • Do they change eye color?

    NAC Drops won't change your eye color, although the antioxidant effect can make eyes appear slightly brighter.


  • Do I need a prescription?

    No, NAC Drops is available without a prescription.


  • Are the drops safe to use on pets?

    According to a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, almost all over-the-counter ocular lubricants are safe for pets. The only ones you need to avoid are redness reliever eye drops. Our drops don't contain any artificial vasoconstrictors, only an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation naturally.