4 Early Warning Signs Of Cataract

Cataracts are a condition of the eye that causes cloudiness or blurry vision due to the build-up or clumping of protein on the lens that inhibits the passage of the light to the retina. Furthermore, cataracts can form as a result of a number of conditions such as old age, smoking, genetics, diabetes among many others. Over the years, cataracts have become one of the leading causes of blindness and a large number of studies are focusing on the ways to prevent cataracts or slow down their progression. Besides, you can find a plethora of companies offering eye drops such as NAC drops for treating cataract.

Nonetheless, an ideal way to protect yourself from cataracts is to become familiar with some of the most common symptoms. Read on to find out four early warning signs of cataracts.

  1. Lens discoloration- Without a doubt, a noticeable sign of cataracts is an obvious discoloration in your eyes. Furthermore, cataracts can cause a brownish or yellow tint to form on your eyes.
  2. Change in vision- In addition to lens discoloration, frequent changes in vision requiring changes in prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses may also indicate the condition of cataracts.
  3. Cloudy vision– One of the common ways for determining if the eyes may be affected by cataracts is cloudy vision, or the appearance of fuzzy spots in the field of vision. Furthermore, this change happens very slowly, so you may not notice it until your vision becomes significantly blurred.
  4. Double vision- Another common symptom of cataracts is double vision. In addition, the appearance of halos or ringlets of light surrounding bright sources of light is also an early warning sign of cataracts.

While these were some of the early warning signs of cataracts, there are many others, such as poor night vision, discomfort with bright lights, muddy vision among many others. Are you looking for an effective solution for preventing cataract? Well, then make sure you visit NAC Drops. Their N-Acetyl-Carnosine solution is like an eye health insurance in a bottle and provides benefits unlike any other eye drop on the market. In addition, NAC drops provides a protection and regenerative advantage that neither prescription nor over-the-counter eye drops can offer and helps you maintain a clear vision throughout your life. You can visit their website at http://www.nacdrops.com

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