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• Overall eye health support
• Improved visual performance
• Improved color perception
• Helps defend against age related eye conditions (anti-aging)
• Helps aid recovery of compromised eye tissue (after injury/surgery)
• Relief from irritation, dryness, watery discharge and sensation of grittiness
• Refreshed feeling (less stickiness)
• Brighter-looking eyes (less discoloration and redness)


NACDrops provides a benefit unlike any other eye drop on the market.

Our antioxidant-based formula improves eye health by addressing the root cause of many common eye disorders - free radical damage.

NACDrops offers a protective and regenerative advantage that neither over-the-counter nor prescription eye drops can.

We believe that antioxidant eye care is a breakthrough that can be an advantage when dealing with almost any type of eye disorder or symptom. Our personal experience leads us to the conclusion that now everyone can improve the health of their eyes, while preventing potential degenerative eye conditions simultaneously.

Up until the N-Acetyl-Carnosine discovery there was not much that one could do to protect their eyes, not to mention improve existing optical challenges. Since optical checkups and surgery do not provide optimum eye health, we are proud to be a part of something that could be life changing for many.

Opthalmologists are trained to treat their patients with invasive procedures for many conditions that simply don't require such drastic measures as long as we effectively support a natural recovery of the eye. Now we don't have to passively accept our eyes showing symptoms of aging and degeneration.

We are very excited to bring a formula to the market that lets people realize that there is a lot that can be done to maintain and improve their optical health.


Oxidation inhibition is the mechanism that NACDrops performs in the eye tissue to allow anti-aging, preventative and even regenerative effects to take place.

NACDrops neutralizes the effects of free radicals that lead to the chain reactions that damage the cells in the eye. At the same time, it allows the current state of health in the eye tissues to improve by eliminating exposure to any harmful free radical activity. The key ingredient in NACDrops is the antioxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine, a naturally occurring compound chemically related to the amino acid carnosine.

The NAC molecular structure is identical to carnosine with the exception that it carries an additional acetyl group. The acetylation is what makes it effective in the eye tissue. Carnosine is found naturally in foods and in human cells.

NACDrops protects the eyes against potential eye problems that many of us might experience during the aging process. Our levels of carnosine decline as we age, which results in the eyes being susceptible to many common eye disorders.


Antioxidant N-Acetyl-Carnosine has been proven to be very safe in scientific trials. NACDrops improves overall eye health naturally yet effectively and displays rejuvenating benefits that can assist with many conditions such as damage caused by sunlight and free radicals, dry eye, blurred vision, eye strain, physical eye injuries, cataracts and many more.

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NAC Eye Drops

"I began using these drops 1/21/14. On 3/6/14, I had to take a drivers license eye test to renew my license. For the first time in many years, I passed the eye exam without glasses. I am no longer required to wear glasses to operate a motor vehicle. I give all credit to NAC eye drops. I will continue to use them - thank you NAC! I am 73 years old and my vision is getting better thanks to these eye drops."

By Judith L. Titus

Relief from the first drop!

"I recently developed floaters and some discomfort due to a posterior vitreous detachment. I looked all over the internet for a natural option and came across NAC. My eyes have also been itchy, dry, and a bit blurry. I've felt nothing but relief since the first drop. As soon as I put in the first drop, my eyes stopped feeling dry and my vision wasn't blurry. I also opted for NAC as a study I reviewed showed it was more effective than another remedy. Hopefully the drops will make the floaters disappear as well."

By Harrison S. Reed IV

NACDrops is the best choice for me.

"I have cataracts on both eyes that were making night driving all most impossible. Trying to read has also become a big problem for me. The only TV I can comfortably watch is a 50 inch in my living room. My eye doctor said the cataracts are not ready for surgery. Out of frustration I searched the internet for alternatives. NAC Drops seem to be the logical choice. I've used the drops for three days and I see a difference already."

By Khaleel A. Rasheed

Definitely noticing improvements!

"I've been using the eye drops for a few months and I'm definitely noticing improvements in my vision. I have cataracts, not so severe, but mild. I wear glasses and I'm seeing a lot better when I don't have them on. I need to get a new prescription now that my eyesight is improving. I still have a long way to go, but I will continue to use the drops. I can't afford the cataract surgery so this is a better option for me, definitely more affordable. The product has been recommended to me by a couple of doctors and other users. The seller is trust worthy and shipping is fast. I'm very satisfied."

By Carlos L Saenz

Better than other versions

"Tried another version of this product but it burned my eyes. So much so that It made my eyes water so badly that I was sure that what ever good effects it might have were being wasted in the tear production. Found this version and while the active ingredient (NAC) was the same, the inactive ingredients were different. So glad I made that decision. Have only been using this product for about three weeks but I can already see the positive effects. Better resolution. Less eye pressure. Can effectively use my glasses again. I'm going to continue to use this product and will update after I see my eye Dr."

By Fontanna Starr

It works!

"I bought these for my mom since she has cataract and nothing else would really help her. She felt the relief from burning and redness after just a couple of days. Her vision started improving too. I am so glad a product like this can be obtained with no prescriptions or having to go to the doctor!"

By Emma S.

Love these eye drops.

"Amazing, after only a few days of using these drops I saw an improvement in my sight, and improvement in dry eyes caused by a chronic illness, Sjogrens. These are by far the best eye drops I have purchased. I prefer these drops to any others I have purchased. Easy to dispense which is a big problem with similar drops from another company. So glad I found this product and this merchant. Will be a repeat buyer for sure. Buy with confidence!"

By Sheila McLaughlinon

Love these drops!

"I noticed a big difference in how my eyes felt . Normally they are dry and when outside the glare would bother my eyes. After I used them I noticed an improvement in clarity and moisture, and the glare did not bother me as much as before. I noticed the improvement immediately after using. I would recommend this to anyone."

By William Glenn Harbison

NAC Eye Drops

"I have purchased other cataract eye drops online before and I must say that the quality of the NAC drops is far superior to other brands. I purchased vision clarity eye drops and received no instructions on how to use them and also the bottles that they came in were as cheap and poor quality as you can get. After opening their bottles it was very hard to control the flow from the tips. In the short time that I have been using NACDrops I have noticed that my eyes feel better and are more relaxed. Thank You and I will continue to use this fine product."

By Darryl Dixon

Clear vision

"NACDrops is an excellent product for those who have been diagnosed with cataracts and it definitely clears up the cloudiness in vision that is associated with the disease. N-Acetyl Carnosine eye drops, from my research, appear to be a promising medical alternative to cataract surgery. I've purchased this product recently and I've noticed a significant improvement in my vision, with regard to clarity. It's great to be able to see clearly again. Thank you for a wonderful product that, hopefully, will eliminate the need for a surgical procedure. I'm delighted."

By Angel

A Second Chance for 20/20

"Sometime ago, the cornea in my right eye became uneven/wrinkled due to dry eye. I've had to use gas permeable contact lenses in order to correct the vision in that eye. Now a cataract is developing in that eye and if I have cataract surgery, I will no longer be able to correct the vision in that eye without a corneal transplant. A friend recommended the NACdrops and am I glad I listened to her! I believe the sight is improving in my right eye already - after only 2 weeks - meaning the cataract is starting to either recede or disappear. My vision is less blurry than it was when I started the drops 2 weeks ago. As a bonus, I started to develop a stye on my left lower eye lid and hadn't been using the drops in my left eye. I put drops in that eye on the first evening I saw the stye and it was totally gone the next day! The drops are very soothing as well and I will continue to use them now in both eyes. I'm looking forward to the cataract totally disappearing so that my vision can once again be corrected with contact lenses to 20/20."

By Pat McKenna

Good bye dry, irritated eyes!

"A friend recommended I try these drops, and I am very glad to say that after using them for a little more than a week I too would recommend them. I am 64, have worn glasses for over 50 years, have dry eyes and floaters. These drops have significantly improved the irritation of my dry eyes, and I am hoping that in time will help with the floaters. Well worth trying - Thanks for a great product. "

By Susan K Carr

Great Product!!!

"When I first started using NACDrops I had gone through quite a few other eye drops that professed to help with cataracts. However, none of them worked, but NAC had an almost immediate impact."

By Noel Huggett

They do what they say they do!!!

"I've been using these drops for three weeks and I really do see a difference in the clarity of my vision. I was told during my last vision checkup that I had the beginnings of cataracts and it was then that I decided to do something about it before they got any worse. I'm going to continue using NAC because it takes the sting out of my eyes and if it keeps cataracts from forming, it will be a fantastic bonus! Thanks very much guys!!!"

By ShopGeek

Excellent product.

"I've suffered from dry eyes for years. Tried the expensive product advertised on TV - didn't work. These NACDrops worked immediately. My eyes no longer burn every day and I can walk outside and play golf again without having constant eye issues. Love this product."

By Avid Reader

Five Stars

"Dissolved cataract in my left eye completely."

By R. Michaels

NAC Eye Drops

"My Husband and I have been using NAC Drops for only 3 weeks. It's a miracle. I suffered from an eye condition were I could not open my eyes in the morning the lid only opened after massaging the lid which was very painful. Not only can I open my eyes without assistance we also noticed visual improvement when working on the computer and long distance clarity. Doctors eye drops, antibiotics nothing helped. Before placing the order I researched the benefits of the ingredients. Since they were natural I decided to give it try. I definitely will recommend this product to my friends and family. "

By Keep well


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